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Frequency List - Updated Live over the air tattoo weekend!

Keep a watch here for updates.

5.2450GAir Training Corps – N1 - Sun a.m.h.f. - u.s.b.
36.8000GAir Training Corps - V12v.h.f.
37.3000GAir Training Corps - V11v.h.f.
38.1000GAir Training Corps - V13v.h.f.
40.2000GAir Training Corps - V14v.h.f.
78.1000GAir Training Corps - V3v.h.f.
79.3500GAir Training Corps - V5v.h.f.
87.7000GWings Radiow.b.f.m.
118.0000AUtterly Butterly Display Teamv.h.f.
118.8000AUSAF Fairford Ground Opsv.h.f.
119.0000AApproach (Brize Radar)v.h.f.
119.1500AGround (Thunderbird control)v.h.f.
120.3750ATower (RIAT 2004)v.h.f.
120.8000ABattle Of Britain Memorial Flightv.h.f.
121.1750AAir Displays - Generalv.h.f.
122.1000AApproach (Brize Radar)v.h.f.
123.2500ABattle Of Britain Memorial Flightv.h.f.
123.4500AAlpine Aerobatics PA and A - Gv.h.f.
123.5500ABrize Radarv.h.f.
124.2750AApproach (Brize Radar)v.h.f.
126.2250ATower (RIAT 2004)v.h.f.
127.2500AApproach (Brize Radar)v.h.f.
130.0000ATeam Khalifav.h.f.
130.3000AAquilla - Spanish Display Teamv.h.f.
130.5000AAquilla - Spanish Display Teamv.h.f.
130.5000AAir Displays - Generalv.h.f.
130.6750AFairford Towerv.h.f.
130.6750ABlue Eagles (Lynx & Gazzells)v.h.f.
130.6750AMemorial Flightv.h.f.
130.6750AJordanian Falconsv.h.f.
130.7000ATower (RIAT 2005)v.h.f.
130.7250ASwallows - Belgian Air Forcev.h.f.
131.4750  v.h.f.
132.9000ACommon Air Displayv.h.f.
133.7500AZone (Brize Radar)v.h.f.
134.3000AZone (Brize Radar)v.h.f.
135.1750AHalcones - Chilean Air Force Teamv.h.f.
135.9250AGreen March Back-Upv.h.f.
135.9500ABlue Eagles VHF1 Team Primaryv.h.f.
135.9500AArmy Air Corps Historic Flightv.h.f.
135.9750AGreen March Moroccan Teamv.h.f.
135.9750AArmy Air Corps Historic Flightv.h.f.
136.1750GHalcones - Chilean Air Force Teamv.h.f.
136.9750GBlue Eagles VHF1v.h.f.
136.9750GArmy Air Corps Historic Flightv.h.f.
141.8250GPatrouile De Francais Back-Upv.h.f.
142.4750GF-16 - Dutch Back-Upv.h.f.
143.1000GPatrouile De Francais Team - Pri.v.h.f.
149.2750GAir Training Corps - V10v.h.f.
149.4000GAir Training Corps - V2v.h.f.
149.4125GAir Training Corps - V9v.h.f.
153.8000GAir Training Corps - V10v.h.f.
153.9250GAir Training Corps - V4v.h.f.
165.575GSite Opsv.hf
234.2500AGroundu.h.f. (mil)
241.8250AFairford / Brize Directoru.h.f. (mil)
242.6500APatrouile De Francais Synchro Pairu.h.f. (mil)
242.8500APatrouile De Francais Synchro Pairu.h.f. (mil)
243.4500ARed Arrowsu.h.f. (mil)
243.8500APatrouile De Francais Team Transu.h.f. (mil)
252.5000AAquilla - Spanish Display Teamu.h.f. (mil)
255.1000ARAF Falcons Team Drop Zone A2Gu.h.f. (mil)
257.7500ABrize - Weatheru.h.f. (mil)
259.0000ABrize - Weatheru.h.f. (mil)
259.9750AGroundu.h.f. (mil)
264.7750AZone (Brize Radar)u.h.f. (mil)
270.0000AUS Navy Leapfrogs Drop Zoneu.h.f. (mil)
271.5000AAir Training Corps - U4u.h.f. (mil)
277.625ABlack Catsu.h.f. (mil)
280.4750ARN Black Catsu.h.f. (mil)
297.8000AApproach (Brize Radar)u.h.f. (mil)
300.0250AFrench Jaguar Pairu.h.f. (mil)
307.8000AFrecce Tricolori - Italian Teamu.h.f. (mil)
311.8250AZone (Brize Radar)u.h.f. (mil)
312.3500APatrouile de Suisseu.h.f. (mil)
337.5750AToweru.h.f. (mil)
337.9750AAquilla - Spanish Teamu.h.f. (mil)
338.2250AToweru.h.f. (mil)
342.4500AApproach (Brize Radar)u.h.f. (mil)
373.6500ABlue Eaglesu.h.f. (mil)
376.6250AApproach (Brize Radar)u.h.f. (mil)
379.4750AOperationsu.h.f. (mil)
380.2000ABlue Eaglesu.h.f. (mil)
380.2000AArmy Air Corps Historic Flightu.h.f. (mil)
384.5500AWest Coast Demonstration Teamu.h.f. (mil)
387.0000AFrench Mirage Pairu.h.f. (mil)
387.1000AFrench Jaguar Pairu.h.f. (mil)
388.0750APatrouile Suisseu.h.f. (mil)
389.5750AZone (Brize Radar)u.h.f. (mil)
397.4000AFalconsu.h.f. (mil)
406.6250GGround Services - Dragonu.h.f.
406.6750GGround Operationsu.h.f.
407.4750G424 Air Base Squadronu.h.f.
407.7250GTransient Alertu.h.f.
407.9750GUSAF Fairford F117 Squadronu.h.f.
408.7000GUSAF Fairfordu.h.f.
430.8500GPolice Security Controlu.h.f.
431.2500GUSAF Fairford 424 Air Base Sqnu.h.f.
431.4250GFire Sectionu.h.f.
432.3000GPolice Security Controlu.h.f.
432.6500GTransport Fuelu.h.f.
432.9000GTower Opsu.h.f.
433.775GSite Opsu.h.f.
438.950GCarral alpha & deltau.h.f.
439.2375GSite Opsu.h.f.
439.725GSite opsu.h.f.
434.4125GSite opsu.h.f.
435.6250GAir Training Corps - U5u.h.f.
435.7500GAir Training Corps - U1 - Car Parksu.h.f.
439.2375GBog Opsu.h.f.
439.5500GAir Training Corpsu.h.f.
439.5625GAir Training Corpsu.h.f.
439.7375GAir Training Corpsu.h.f.
440.4500GFrecce Tricolori Commentatoru.h.f.
444.0125GSite Opsu.h.f.
444.050GSite Opsu.h.f.
444.0375GSite Opsu.h.f.
444.1350GOps - Scarecrowu.h.f.
444.2500GMedic - Delta Oneu.h.f.
444.2875GFRIAT - Park & Viewu.h.f.
444.3000GSite Opsu.h.f.
444.5375GSite Opsu.h.f.
444.585GSite Ops Blue Gateu.h.f.
444.5875GSite Opsu.h.f.
444.6125GFollow Me (Leader 1-6)u.h.f.
444.6875GSite Ops Programsu.h.f.
445.3375GFalcons Throat Microphones A2Gu.h.f.
445.675GSite Opsu.h.f.
446.00625GPMR446 - CH. 1u.h.f.
446.01875GPMR446 - CH. 2u.h.f.
446.03125GPMR446 - CH. 3u.h.f.
446.04375GPMR446 - CH. 4u.h.f.
446.05625GPMR446 - CH. 5u.h.f.
446.06875GPMR446 - CH. 6u.h.f.
446.08125GPMR446 - CH. 7u.h.f.
446.09375GPMR446 - CH. 8u.h.f.
449.300GTrader Mashallingu.h.f.
449.5750GFRIAT - Park & Viewu.h.f.
449.6250GSite Opsu.h.f.
449.7500GSite Opsu.h.f.
455.4750GMedical Opsu.h.f.
455.5000GAirfield Operations - Taskeru.h.f.
455.525GSite opsu.h.f.
455.6125GSite ops/Leaders ‘Hunter’u.h.f.
455.7250GSite Officeu.h.f.
455.7800GGreenman / Redman / Rebelu.h.f.
455.850GGround Opsu.h.f.
456.4625GJordanian Falcons Ground Crewu.h.f.
460.7750GCrash Opsu.h.f.
460.8000GRAF Policeu.h.f.
461.0250GAirfield Operations - Whitecapu.h.f.
461.1750GSite Opsu.h.f.
462.9250GRed Devils Ground Supportu.h.f.
464.2500GRed Devils Drop Zone A2Gu.h.f.

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