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Readers' Logs Template

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Quick instructions from Martin - if needed...

Long and Mediumwaves: I’ve left a certain number of stations in on some of the worksheets. Add as necessary. On long and mediumwaves, just add a D or a N in the last column to indicate if you heard it during daylight hours or at dusk/night/dawn. If you heard it during the day AND night, just show the daytime entry.

On the Tropical band listing, add stations as necessary. Then enter UTC time heard.

No need to delete stations you haven't heard from the lists (unless you want to). Lack of D, N or time will indicate that it wasn’t heard.

On shortwave, enter freq in kHz or MHz, whichever you prefer, time in UTC, station name. Country should be using the recognized ITU allocations: ARS for Saudi, CHN for China etc. If you know that the transmission is coming from a relay site – Voice of America from Morocco, say, - enter USA/MRC. I have a list of country codes here I can let you have if you need it.

Language is first three letters of language, as written: ie Eng for English, Pas for Pashto etc. This works almost faultlessly without any clashes, except for Latvian/Latin and Turkish/Turkmen. I’ll live with that!

Apart from adhering to the correct worksheet and entering the data in the right columns, no time or freq order is necessary as it all goes into the final master list with everyone else’s contributions before I hit the SORT key!

Just open up the template each month, fill in as required, save it with a new name and attach it to an email sent to the monitoringmonthly address or direct to me at ntlworld

Finally, don't forget to enter your station details in on the CONTRIBUTORS tab

monitoringmonthly is published by Nice One Publishing Ltd., monitoringmonthly includes, informative reviews and features, plus regular columns to keep you one step ahead!

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