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Monitoring Monthly January 2009

The Third Year of Best Selling Radio Listeners' Magazine!

In Your Local News Agents Now! The January issue on sale 23 December for 28 days. Or available direct via the MM webstore you can subscribe and buy many radio text books there too.

Monitoring Monthly January 09 Cover

MM January 2009

Volume 4 Issue 1!

What are your interests? New products, VHF/UHF, Broadcast or utility DX, satellite news feeds, Military communication and excercises, Earth observation satelites, airbands, data modes, space, Motor sport comms, news of what's happening in the radio arena around the world, then monitoringmonthly is the magazine to keep you informed.

This month in monitoringmonthly you can find the following.

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The Features Include:

  • Bonito's RadioCom 6 Software Suite - Reviewed
    It's not hardware that Jack Weber looks at this time. Instead he examines RadioCom 6, a newly updated swiss army knife type of solution, that's intended to improve you radio listening experience, by offering many facilities and features to assist with you monitoring activities. See what Jack discovers in part one of this extended two part review.
  • AOR's AR-Mini Pocket Sized Scanner - Evaluated
    Kevin Nice has been getting to know the latest radio from AOR. A departure from their radios of late, but the handy sized AR-Mini is a convenient package with computer control. It covers the up to 1300MHz
  • More Taming Technology - Part 3
    Following various requests from some MM readers, who are finding some of the topics we cover a little challenging, we've asked Jack Weber to provide some more detailed background into some of these new and emerging technologies. Jack continues his look at technology with two remarkable radios with excellent capabilities.
  • Receiving Signals From Space Part 21 - L-Band System Review
    In this latest episode of 'Signals From Space', Alexander James gets his hands on the monitoringmonthly SFS L-Band Satellite System and puts it through its paces. What does he think of the solution inspired by the series penned by him?
  • CQD - Jack Binns & The Sinking of RMS Republic
    The sinking of the RMS Republic was the first occasion on which the 'CQD' distress call was sent by Wireless. John H Bowen. C.Eng. MIET G8DET, Chairman of the Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society, tells the story and details the commemorative Amateur Radio stations due to operate in January 2009.
  • Scanning Update
    Dave Roberts provides both a light hearted and a serious view of the latest insight into the fascinating world of scanning and related subjects.
  • Digital Radio Explained
    Kevin Ryan brings us an up-to-date report on the current state of DRM output with the new B08 schedule. There are plenty of challenging transmissions to stretch, both you and your equipment.
  • Hands On With Hardy - Multi Distribution Box
    Almost as soon as the ink was dry on the last issue of monitoringmonthly, 'Hands On's Clive realised that he could add function to his last project! After all, not all the equipment we use around the shack, operates from 12V. Here is a further alternative to all those various supply needs.
  • Mode-A-Month Part 10
    Using a Software Defined Radio allows the examination of the spectrum of any mode. The digitised information allows the plotting of amplitute, frequenct and time on the same chart. Clive looks at some intentional and unitentional signals in the l.f. and h.f spectrum.
  • MM Special Offer
    Don't miss this chance of a bargain. Possibly the UK's favourite scanner complete with CloseCall another chance of a bargain 25-1300MHz wideband scanner, with a.m, n.b.f.m. and w.b.f.m. Save with MM when you buy a UBC3500XLT and accessories!

Amongst the monthly regulars you'll find,

  • Martin Peters - Readers' Logs & News - What MM readers have received.
  • Andy Lyass - Flight Path - Our regular look at airbands and aviation, Mainly civil.
  • Keith Hamer & Garry Smith - TV DX - All the latest TV news and reception reports from afar. 
  • Dave Roberts - Scanning Update, the lastest
  • Clive Hardy - Amateur Scene - A taste of amateur radio.
  • Pat Carty - Ops Normal - The fascinating world of Mil-Coms, exercises and more, right from where the action happens! 
  • Ben Hogan - HF Utility radio.
  • Jacques d'Avignon - HF Propagation Forcast around the globe. 
  • Paul Beaumont of ENIGMA 2000
  • Greg Baker - Brings a quarterly look at the radio scene in Australia and South Pacific area.
  • Roger Bunney - Satellites View - a regular look at  Clarke Belt News Feeds
  • Tony Currie - A Broadcasters View - The perspective from the other side of the transmitter. name but a few! Our aim is to be at the forefront of the hobby - and that's where you say we are!

Make sure you don't miss the next issue of monitoringmonthly! We've set about making sure that the best authorities in the hobby are writing for monitoringmonthly. Our massive 100 page issue is jam packed with radio essentials! In every issue, we provide practical wireless and radio advice from our knowledgable authors and whether you are just a radio user, or a keen enthusiast - MM has something for you!. Brought to you by the the team you can trust to bring you the very best!

You get much more with monitoringmonthly. Our downloadable PDF subscriptions for £29.95 per year or just £4.95 for subscribers to our paper version, are becoming very popular indeed! We continue to bring you the best radio magazine in the land! If you are looking for quality covereage of radio related subjects, then this is the place to be. The magazine of choice for real listening enthusiasts just keeps getting better. MM is the best selling and best loved radio listeners' magazine in the UK. Produced by the Team You Can Trust to bring you what you want!

Don't miss this exciting new radio magazine. Make sure that you keep an eye on the news stands for the current issue of Radio Communications Monitoring Monthly. If your favorite retailer can't find us, then tell them the ISSN 1747-7809. The magazine trade refer to us as 'Radio & Comm'.

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