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Monitoring Monthly - Frequently Asked Questions
Last update: 18/10/2007 @18:15

If you have a question you'd like answering here, please send it to FAQ at after you have read through the Q's and A's below. Some of the questions we've received so far are listed below - check back regularly for updates etc. We hope this helps with your queries!

Here are the questions that we've received so far:

Q: I've just signed up to the sample issue of MME what now?

A: You will receive a server generated e-mail to the address you entered on the registration form. This gives you you login details. Use this info to login and then go to at this page click on the cover of the issue to download. Follow the instruction on screen. If you need any further assistance please see

Q: What is monitoringmonthly?

A: Simply put monitoringmonthly is a radio listening enthusiasts' magazine. If you have or are thinking of buying a hobby radio receiver then you should read MM.

Q: Who are the publishers of MM?

A: monitoringmonthly is published by Nice One Publishing Ltd., a small independent specialist publisher established in 2005. We have a wealth of specialist radio knowledge essential for producing the best in hobby radio magazines.

Q: What can I read in MM?

A: monitoringmonthly is aimed at the radio enthusiast, we cover a very broad range of topics and frequency ranges. In every issue we a selection of diverse regular coverage of Scanning, Airband, DXing, Military communications, TV, Satellite, News feeds, Remote earth imaging, Broadcast DXing, Utility reception, Datamodes, News of events and products, Digital radio, Datamode reception, Construction, product reviews, informative features and instructional series. Additionally we cover propagation, numbers stations and we have the most up-to-date listing of UK and international radio clubs to help you meet others with similar interests. In short, there's almost everything for the radio enthusiast.

Q: I've signed up for a free sample - how do I get it?

A: You will have been sent an e-mail with login credentials.Use this info to logon to the user area by clicking on the top bar. Then click on the view issues tab. You will then see a cover thumbnail for the sample issue, click on this and the system will begin generating a peronalised free issue. Then you will receive another email with the URL to download then PDF. If you need further assistance please see mmehelp.

Q: Can I interact with other MM readers?

A: monitoringmonthly has a Yahoo Group for readers and others to exchange views and information with each other. The forum is a great place to get answers to queries, fast, from fellow enthusiasts. The MM Yahoo group is the most lively and active magazine forum in the UK.

Q: Where can I get a copy of MM?

A:  If you live in the UK then you can buy a copy of MM in any of the WH Smith stores as we are stocked in all of the branches. We are stocked by all of the Borders stores too. Many of the leading independent news chains stock MM also, those news agents that don't have e regular supply can also order a copy on your behalf. If you have problems locating a copy of MM then you can order a single issue, either current, back issues or subscriptions from our webstore or by calling 08451 933 600.

Q: Can I get a sample copy of MM for free?

A: Yes you can! We have a free sample copy that  you can download from this site. It is a complitaion of many different issues of MM to date and so represents a pretty good example of what the magazine is all about.

Q: If I like MM, can I subscribe?

A: Yes, we would welcome you as a subscriber. You can subscribe by post, telephone or via the MM Webstore.

Q: What are the benefits of being a subscriber

A: As a subscriber, you instantly save almost 20% of the cover price compared to buying MM in the shops. You also get monitoringmonthly delivered to your door, before it goes on sale on the news stands. Lastly, as a subscriber you receive 10% discount on your purchases from our bookstore.

Q: I'm interesting in SW DXing is there something for me?

A: We regularly feature specific features covering all aspects of radio monitoring in addition to our broadcast news from all around the world and our readers' logs section that presents what's been heard by MM readers. There is definitely something in monitoringmonthly for you!

Q: I'm looking for frequencies to listen to with my scanner - is that covered in MM?

A: Dave Roberts, the guy "with radio in his blood", provides our view on the world of scanning in every issue of monitoringmonthly - Dave has much fascinating info to share so make sure you don't miss his monthly update.

Q: I like to build my own equipment - does MM have any projects?

A: You'll be interested in our 'Hands On With Hardy' feature. Here Clive Hardy takes you through all the steps of building something useful. So far Clive has shown monitoringmonthly readers how to build antennas, notch filters, pre-selectors, ATUs, stub filters and more. For down-to-earth useful projects you couldn't do better.

Q: Do you cover airband in MM

A: We certainly do! monitoringmonthly has the best of authoritative coverage from a leading light in the world of airband reception. For the latest in frequencies, reports and other news make sure you catch Peter Bond's 'In Flight'.

Q: I'm new to this and I've heard that you can watch television from other countries, is this true?

A: Yes it is possible to do this , but the propagation conditions (signal path) must be right for it to happen. monitoringmonthly has two of the leading authorities from the world of DXTV, (long distance television) writing a 2 page column in every issue. Learn lots by reading Keith Hamer and Garry Smith's 'Television DX' each month.

Q: I used to read Short Wave Magazine, isn't this the same magazine?

A: No, although Kevin Nice used to be editor of SWM, that magazine closed back in 2005. MM is a much better publication and covers a wider range of topics in more detail.

Q: Can I listen to Military Exercises, if so how?

A: Every issue of MM has 6 or more pages of Milcom fanatic, Pat Carty's accounts of the UK's military exercises an comms. In most issues Pat has actually attended the site of the action and provides first-hand reports. If you are interested in Military comms then this is THE place to learn more! Make an appointment not to miss 'Op's Normal'!

Q: I want to learn more straight away, I can't wait for monthly magazines, what do you suggest?

A: We have back issues available for those new readers who have just discovered us, many new readers often buy back issues to catch up what they've missed so far. Plus we offer and extensive range of books in the MM Bookstore, lastly there are links to many informative websites on our links pages.

Q: I live in a remote part of the world and would love to read your magazine. Unfortunately the postal service here is not predictable, plus it's going to cost me lots in shipping. What can I do?

A: We have many subscribers all over the world, These readers enjoy monitoringmonthly both as a traditional paper magazine and increasingly there are many who now receive MM Electronic, our new PDF version of the magazine. This electronic delivery allows our remote readers to enjoy there copy on the day of publication where ever they happen to live. MM Electronic subscribers save both delays and money by downloading their own copy of monitoringmonthly direct to their PC. The PDF version is searchable and has clickable weblinks. Subscribers to the printed version of MM can save even more by adding MM Electronic for a sixth of the normal cost.

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